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Welcome To The Friends School Year 4 Wiki

This wiki gives bullies, onlookers and victims advice and information on all that they have always wanted to know about bullying. You can watch demonstrations of the seven strategies in '' The Seven Strategies".


Where you can comment and ask questions about bullying


The rules of the site. Please Visit This Area First.

What Is Bullying
Some descriptions on bullying.

The Seven Strategies
The seven best strategies to make good friendships.
From Helen McGrath and Toni Noble in Bounce Back books

Advice For Bullies
Here is some things to help bullies that bully people

Our Community Action Anti-Bullying Campaign

As well as making this wiki, the rest of year 4 have been working on other projects, to stop bullying. All of year 4 have been working on a hugeanti bullying campaign. Our group made this wiki, but the other groups all worked on other things. Click here to see what they have been working on.

Links To Information About Bullying Sites
Here are some links to some other good sites about bullying.

Some poems that we have written and typed up for you. You can have yours put here too.

Some Good Games About Bullying
These are some good games about bullying.

The Quiz
A Powerpoint Presentation that will change what you think about bullying.

Bullying Cartoons

Some cartoons that will crack you up

Bullying Jokes

Some bully jokes that will get you laughing